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Engineered Wood Products in New Westminster

At Griff Building Supplies, our complete focus on the engineered wood products in New Westminster is what sets us apart in the business.

Today’s building industry is limited by having to utilize younger and smaller trees for their lumber. Cutting down old growth forests for wood fibre is not an option anymore. Engineered products are increasingly becoming the norm for building materials as the market realizes its advantages, benefits, and sustainability. 

In fact, traditional methods of sawing lumber from trees wastes the strongest part of the tree. Engineered wood methods reconstitute this fibre to produce sustainable, consistent, and highly effective products. These new products use 75% of the tree, as opposed to 50% from traditional sawmill methods.

Sustainability, High Quality, and Consistency

Here at Griff Building Supplies, we put our trust behind an innovator in engineered wood products in New Westminster. The Weyerhaeuser I-level family of products like TJI joists, Parallam®, Microllam®, TimberStrand®, TimberStrand® studs, TimberStrand® rim board, SturdiStep®, Edge Gold™ sheathing, and more are driving the development of new and better products to build with. This full line of products allows you, the consumer, to get all of your needs met from one credible, international supplier. These products are covered by a variety of warranties and backed by a team of experts to assist you in constructing improved buildings.

Computer Layouts and Technical Assistance

We offer in-house expertise to provide you with Javelin® design layouts for your project, showing all the product types and lengths. These are useful for field review and engineering review prior to your products being shipped. Any adjustments can be made promptly before anything goes to your site. This ensures you get the products you need to complete the job. That expertise is available to you from the start of your project to the end. Let us help you.

TJ Expert

Parallam® PSL

This product was invented in Vancouver. Over two decades of patented technologies have been utilized to create this unique, innovative, and superior product. Taking the tree fibres apart and then putting them back together takes full advantage of their natural strength and creates a consistent and predictable end product. When creating large open spaces or renovating existing structures to better utilize the space, Parallam is a product that can help improve your home’s value.

Microllam® LVL

This product has higher design values than Douglas fir in the same dimensions. The process of peeling veneer off a log allows the use of 30% more of the tree than conventional sawmill methods. Smaller trees can be used to produce this superior product, which is good for everyone.

TJI Joist Floor System

TJI Joist Floor System

The biggest culprit in floor squeaks is inconsistent material as with dimensional joists. Even kiln-dried lumber can warp, twist, and shrink. Engineered I-joists take these factors away by providing products which are manufactured to be exactly the same. Add to this, one can put all plumbing, electrical, and ducting through the joist without any loss in performance, and you’ll witness another of the many advantages engineered I-joists have over conventional wood.

TimberStrand® LSL

This innovative product technology has a wide array of product applications. TimberStrand is used as studs, stair treads, rim board, and header material. The patented process utilizes fast-regenerating species such as aspen and yellow poplar.


TimberStrand® Rim Board

When lateral forces, vertical loads, and seismic forces are a concern in your project, TimberStrand rim board is the solution. 1.25” thick rim board is manufactured in all the depths applicable to TJI silent floor joists. Rim board is also the perfect solution as strong, stable stair stringers. They are straight, consistent, have no knots, and will not split like dimensional material.

TimberStrand® Studs

These studs are available in a variety of lengths in both 2”x4” and 2”x6”. When you are looking for perfectly straight walls and no shrinkage or warping, then this is the product to consider. The exactness and consistency of this product make it a perfect solution for custom door and window frames, kitchen walls, and more. They’re worth it.


This is a superior alternative to other stair treads. Each tread is 100% uniform and constructed specifically for its end use. It comes in convenient sizes to reduce job site cutting. Also, each stair tread is bull-nosed for appearance and cost savings.

Edge Gold™ Sheathing

Don’t let the OSB designation fool you. This isn’t grandpa’s woodshed. Today’s Edge Gold OSB is a high-grade wood-resin product that doesn’t warp, buckle, or delaminate. Its manufactured flat, stays flat, and comes with a 90-day “no sand” guarantee. Try this in your next job and see for yourself.

Start Your Next Project with Our Building Materials

Whether you’re in need of engineered wood or finishing materials, we’re your smart choice. We stock building materials and tools from top brands.

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