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Sheathing and Plywood Supplies in New Westminster

At Griff Building Supplies, we stock various sheet sizes of plywood in New Westminster. From sheathing to formply, everything you could possibly need is in our retail warehouse. We specialize in providing plywood with special coatings, cores, finishes, and sizes. We are constantly working with our suppliers to ensure that our clients get a consistent product. Our skilled staff can also provide the product assistance you’re looking for, call us today.

We carry a variety of plywood, including:


  • DFP - STD, SEL, CANPLY, T&G, D-grade
  • CSP
  • CDX – Struc-1 4x8, 4x9, 4x10
  • CCX
  • OSB – Struc-1 4x8, 4x9, 4x10, Edge Gold™ T&G


  • Oiled and edge sealed
  • MDO – B-Matte® 333, Crown 43™, RP5
  • HDO – Classic 100/30, MultiPour
  • PSF

Start Your Next Project with Our Building Materials

Whether you’re in need of engineered wood or finishing materials, we’re your smart choice. We stock building materials and tools from top brands.

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